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Hello everyone! It's been a bit. 

With the Durock group buy just days away, we decided that we wanted to provide sound tests so people could decide on what switch they wanted to pick up. Though one could use the many sound tests already available on Youtube, we personally found that it was hard to attribute differences in sound to either the switch, keyboard, or other facts. To help emphasize the sometimes very subtle differences between switches, we decided to create a controlled environment when recording our sound tests. That way, any differences that you may hear will be from the switches themselves. More information about our controlled environment is available here

If you've got time, please check out our sound tests, now available on our YouTube channel. If you've got feedback of any kind, please let us know on Discord! We'll be happy to create a list of changes for the next iteration of sound tests.


Just in case you're lazy like I am, here are a few good ones to check out...





But that's all for now! As always, please DM me on Discord if you have any questions/concerns.


~ Aaron

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