Our Rebranding and New Launches

Posted by Brandon Win on

Hello current and potential heebie keebie customers!

As you probably can tell already, the site definitely looks a lot different from how it was before⁠⁠—it's definitely less gray now, that's for sure. After a lot of discussion and work among the heebie keebies staff, we think that we've found a brand identity and look that we love and hope that you all will too.

We have ditched our old filler grays with an appealing pastel purple with some slight purple highlights to catch your eye. We have added some more functionality to the site, which you can see with our new menus in the header and additional helpful links in the footer.

Additionally, you will notice a lot more interaction on the home page with our slideshows and collection galleries that will make the shopping experience at heebiekeebies.com a lot more enjoyable. We will keep these two updated as we expand our merchandise in the future.

We have also taken new photos of our previous and new merchandise, and we especially like the explosion shots of our bestselling Everglide Aqua Kings and our new switches.

Speaking of new switches, we are adding three new switches to our shop: TECSEE Diamond/Jadeite switches, TECSEE Carrot switches, and QUAD-H H1 switches. We are in the process of getting our H1 switches, and we hope that the wait will be worth it for our customers.

We hope you all enjoy heebie keebies's new look and products! Feel free to share your thoughts with us on our new look and products on our Discord server. Stay tuned, because there's more coming up on the horizon!

P.S. If you have given feedback on our Discord server before, check under "Testimonials" on our home page to see if you have a spot on our website!

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