Staebies v2
Staebies v2
Staebies v2
Staebies v2
Staebies v2
Staebies v2
Staebies v2
Staebies v2


Staebies v2

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Color Opaque Nylon

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The brainchild of the world-renown AEBoards and legendary Zambumon, Staebies are the definitive next step of keyboard stabilizers. Meticulously designed from the ground up with consistency and quality in mind, Staebies help address the all too familiar issue plaguing hobbyists the world over -- stabilizer rattle. These are your endgame stabilizers.


Please check the Changelog tab for the version changelog.


Nylon or Polycarbonate housings

Black or White POM stems

Black anodized metal wires

Each kit includes...

1x 6.25u and 1x 7u spacebar wire(s)

5x 2u wire(s)

12x stem & housing pairs

12x washer & screw pairs

This second version of Staebies feature revised housings and stems to address feedback from the first version. Product photos are of the first version. Packaging for the second version does not feature a box. Staebies are optimized for GMK keycaps and may not fit other sets.

Changes from the first version include...
Switch to from hard case to cardboard box packaging (5.25" x 1" x 1.25")
Stem size reduction to increase keycap compatibility
Switch from Rubber to Nylon washers