A 10 milliliter clear dropper bottle of Krytox GPL 105 with a white cap.

105 Lubricant

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Size 15ml

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105 is an oil-based lubricant, much thinner than the grease-based lubricant classification that 205g0 falls under. Often used in conjunction with 205g0, 105 is perfect for getting your springs lubed just right. If you'd prefer a thinner lubricant on your switches, these are also a great choice. 1mL lubricates approximately 50 switches or 200 springs. Sold in a small dropper bottle.

Pictured is 10ml of 105. 105 is a chemical for industrial use only. heebie keebies LLC is not responsible for any damage that may occur as a result of using this product. Color of dropper bottle may vary. Quantities are approximate.