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What are hand-lubed switches?

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Count 10
Weight 68g

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ThicThock Marshmallows are a tried and true classic, and are hands down one of the most popular linear switches in recent time. Their signature bouncy typing feeling, thanks to their Magically Progressive (MP) springs, is what earns this switch its iconic Marshmallow namesake. If you want switches that sound like ice cubes colliding in a glass of iced coffee, try these out!

Tip: Make sure to lube the springs as well for the best sound profile! Springs should be installed with the side that has the tighter coil facing up.


Nylon top housings

Nylon bottom housings

POM stem with Standard (4.0mm) travel distance

Single-stage ThicThock MP Series 68g linear gold-plated stainless steel springs

Not factory lubed